Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama Prachaarini Sabha


Our Mission

The Mission of SREE LALITHAA SAHASRANAAMA PRACHAARINI SABHA is to contribute to the propagation of Sree Vidya and Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama and their advantages, so that people of this World can exist peacefully and learn to respect one another.

It is natural that, mankind has to face many obstacles and set backs in our life. However, it is our will to conquer them makes us successful in our endeavours. We should have the Belief, Confidence and Determination, in order to achieve anything in our lives. For some, these qualities are in-born. But, for many people, these are developed. The best method to develop these, is by seeking solace in God by chanting prayers and understanding their meanings. People will be able to express more and get closer to God by these means.






2007. Sree Lalitha Sahasranama Pracharini Sabha, Mysore
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