Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama Prachaarini Sabha

Aum Sree Lalithaa Mahatripurasundaryai namah

A novel and a noble way founded by Dr. K. S. Sowbhagyalakshmi & Sri V. S. Kamalakar of Mysore, to propagate the mystic ways of the most favorable and peace-giving Goddess -
Sri Sri Sri Lalithaa Mahatripurasundari, who is also referred to as Sri Sri Sri Balatripurasundari, who put down the atrocities of demons.

This website aims to reach out to everyone and propagate the Significance of Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama. Click the below links to download Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama Stotram Text and Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama Stotram in MP3 Audio Format.

Click here for Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama (PDF Format)

Click here to Download Sree Lalithaa Sahasranaama (MP3 Format)

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